I grew up in Salem IL. I started out working at Americana Building Products where I filled many roles including computer technician, retail sales representative, and as junior draftsman while in highs chool.

I attended Kaskaskia Community College where I graduated with an Associate and Arts. While at K.C., I preformed with the Concert Choir, Jazz Choir, and preformed the National Anthem with the K.C. Concert Choir at Bush Stadium.

I then moved on to Eastern Illinois University graduating with a Bachelor’s in Business Science with a Computer Information Systems Major and an emphasis on Telecommunications Management in 2005.

I worked at a small internet service provider/telco/cable company as system administrator, and disaster recovery firm for a short period of time, before going to work for CIO Services in 2006.

CIO Services is an on demand IT shop and web development company in St. Louis. where I served as a Business Technology Strategist. In May of 2007 I became a Microsoft Small Business Specialist, and Microsoft Certified Professional

In May of 2008 I joined Kaskaskia Staff as a network manager for the college, and adjunct instructor.. I enjoy computers, technology and love following politics. I sang in the Community Choral at Kaskaskia College for over 10 years. I graduated from the Cisco Networking program, and completed the Kaskaskia College Leadership Institute, taking training for Sharepoing 2007/2010 implementation and troubleshooting, as well as VMWARE Infrastructure, and vSphere Training.  I served on various committees including Professional Growth and Development, various hiring committees. I received many service awards, and “Making-a-Difference” awards.

In 2013 I came back to Americana Building Products as their I.T. Manager to oversee their web development social presence and I.T. operations.

I have been politically active for the for over a decade and try to volunteer as often as I can.  Currently, I’m a Precinct Committeemen, and Deputy Registrar .

In 2015, I was elected as a City Councilman for the City of Salem, IL where I currently server, as well as city as a liaison to the Theater Board.IMG_6001 In the spring of 2016, I was elected as Vice President of The South Central Illinois Growth Alliance where I have been working with Kaskaskia College, local high schools, and employers to further develop strategies to promote awareness of the critical skills gap in our area.

In June of 2018 I was hired by Kaskaskia College as the Dean of Career and Technical Education.  My role includes overseeing the C.T.E. Programs, Grant Administration regarding CTE, and serving along side the wonderful Kaskaskia College Faculty and Staff.

I’ve volunteered to create and maintain the Centrailia Humane Society website, Salem Chamber of Commerce Website, as well as the Daffy Dill Garden Club, Salem Chamber of Commerce and help out  various other non-profits.

Other hobbies include camping and riding my Motorcycle.